Things To Be Aware To Prevent Getting Scammed By A Locksmith

Locksmiths are persons who work with security systems, keys and locks such as installing the system, making a key or fixing a broken lock. They follow strict rules and usually start as apprentices or they should get a degree or certification after training in a university or school. Their services may also include gaining entry to your car or house when you were locked out.

They could also replace locks when your first one fails, recover lost keys and extract snapped or broken ones from an existing lock. Finding a locksmith Chevy Chase MD has is better when done in advance so you could call them immediately when there is an emergency. Doing this also prevents you from being scammed since you are not frantically searching for a professional.

Searching for them ahead enables you to research more on them and know their trustworthiness by asking detailed questions and checking their reviews. Companies calling themselves with generic phrases and not giving their specific business name should be avoided. Get their address and inspect if there are other businesses operating there and call them to confirm their location.

Check their identification card when they arrive including their license if this is applicable at your state as some states do not require this. Know which states need one and be careful for those claiming to be licenses in those not requiring them to have one. They should also ask for your identification to ensure you own the car or house they will unlock.

Some locksmiths offer lower prices when you asked for estimates but raises their price upon arrival while claiming the work is more complicated than first thought. Their service usually cost at least sixty dollars and those offering them for less are among those aforementioned ones trying to scam you. Their fee is used for paying their transportation, continued training, licensing costs and tools so get an estimate first, including emergency services, before letting them work.

Inquire about any additional charges like service call minimums, mileage, or emergency hours before agreeing with them to perform the job. They might try to scam you by saying your locks are obsolete and needs replacement, and they could charge highly for this. The replacement lock they would use may even be of cheaper quality rather than what they claimed as high quality one.

Be careful when their price on site does not match with the estimate given during the phone call and do not let them work if they do so. They may threaten to file a lawsuit or contact the police when you will not comply with the payment they asked after they inflated the bill or done a shoddy work. Call their bluff because this is not a practice done by reputable companies.

Beware of professionals insisting or recommending to drill or replace your lock when being locked out. Experienced ones should have the tools, and skills to unlock most doors. You must know if your locks are high security ones because they need specialized keys.

Ask questions like their location, their process of getting in your house, factors affecting a price change and payment method. They should be able to give detailed answers, otherwise, do not hire them. Contact the related local government agencies if you think you were scammed.

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