Proper exposure given to Indian paintings

The Indian painting scenario is a very important one, considering the fact that there are extremely few role models that you can look into. People like Thota Vaikuntam are the modern-day painters that have been making their mark in the Indian painting scenario. However, it is the lack of exposure as well as proper display in the gallery across the world that has led to a marked absence of Indian painters from the global painting scenario. However, with little exposure that they are getting, the Indian painters are definitely making resurgence in this art world.

If you look closely at the Indian paintings, you would realize that almost everything that you can possibly find with Indian paintings has to do with the village life. So, that could be your primary compass, which gives you a direction on the kind of exposure necessary for Indian paintings. Most of the time, it may seem like amateur work, but the Indian paintings have their own complexity about themselves. It is important for you to delve into those matters, understand everything that there is to be understood for Indian paintings. Proper exposure on the happens if there are a lot of people seeking out Indian paintings, and you need to do your bit to get it its due recognition.

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