Mouth Watering Thai Street Foods

Street food is one of the most popular things about Thailand. Tourists can easily find different types of street food stalls in local markets and road sides. You can grab food from these stalls and enjoy them with a nice view. Below are some of the most common Thai street food that you must try when on the go:

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1. Pad See Eiw

This Thai dish consists of meatballs and spaghetti and is considered as one of the best comfort food. This dish also consists of wide rice noodles that are fried in soy sauce with meat it can be chicken, beef or pork along with cabbage or Chinese broccoli. Tourists also consider it as one of the safe Thai dishes especially those individuals who cannot eat extra spicy dishes.

2. Kluay Tod

Another common Thai dish is Kluay Tod and it is a dessert. This dish consists of deep fried banana. For this recipe, they use less ripe bananas because they taste better when deep fried. First, they are costed with batter of sesame seeds and desiccated coconut which gives they golden crunchy look and creamy warm centre.

3. Pad Kra Pao

This is another common savoury Thai dish. It basically consists of chicken or pork mince that is stir fried with chillies and basil leaves. It is served with white rice. This dish is not for choosy eater as it consists of pepper flavour from basil and spiciness from chilli. This dish also consists of fried egg and small chunks of chicken.

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