How Much Do the SEO Experts Charge?

If you have been in the market for an SEO company, you have probably noticed that there is a pretty big discrepancy between what each company charges. Some of the companies are surprisingly low, while some of them charge thousands of dollars each month. Therefore, you could be wondering which one is the right choice, and you could be wondering how much the best SEO experts charge. However, you should know that different companies charge different things based on a few different factors.


How Competitive is Your Niche?

Some niches are much more competitive than others. For example, the "make money online" and "lose weight fast" niches are incredibly popular and therefore incredibly competitive. If you want to break out into one of these niches and see high search engine rankings, you have to understand that it will take your SEO company a lot more time and effort. If your niche isn't very competitive at all, however, your SEO company will be able to charge a lower rate because it won't take nearly as much effort or time.


Has There Been SEO Work Done to Your Site Before?

If you have done your own SEO, this could actually cause your rates to go up. Also, if you have hired an SEO company that didn't offer the best of SEO services, there is a chance that the company has actually made your rankings worse, which will mean more work for your SEO company. If your site already has a good backlink profile and some positive SEO, however, you might find that your rates will be a tad bit lower. This will all depend on the current condition of your search engine optimization, but you should understand that no SEO is better than bad SEO in this situation.


How Many Keywords Do You Want to Rank For?

Although you might want to rank for tons of different keywords that are related to your niche, this isn't the best thing if you're on a tight budget. It takes a lot of work to make each keyword rank, so the best SEO services generally charge per keyword that you would like to have your site optimized for. If you don't have much money to spend but would still like to build an SEO campaign, you may want to choose just a couple of keywords at first. You might be able to rank for multiple keywords if this is your preference, but you must be expected to spend a little bit more.


What Extras Do You Require?

Obviously, if you hire a company just to handle your search engine optimization, it will cost less than if you opt for other services. This doesn't mean that you shouldn't look into these services, however; for example, if you haven't yet built a social media campaign and would like to, you can probably hire an SEO expert to handle it for you for a fee.

Even though the best SEO services might charge a bit of money for their services, you'll probably find them to be worth it in the long run. In the meantime, this simple guide can give you an idea of how these companies determine the rates for their services.

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