Dyson Vacuum Cleaners

When we think of vacuum cleaners, one of the first names that come to mind is Dyson. The technology brought forward by James Dyson has built a strong reputation for the Dyson vacuum cleaner. Let’s take a better look to see why.

The main problem that the Dyson aimed to solve was the loss of suction that many vacuums encountered during use. As a result, the Root Cyclone technology was born. Whereas bags become clogged with dirt, limiting airflow and suction, the Dyson functions without bags, and instead collects dust and dirt in a clear bin using high-speed air flow.

The suction power of Dyson vacuum cleaners is not the only reason this brand is so popular. Users can save money not buying bags, the vacuum is easy and hygienic to empty. Furthermore, allergy sufferers are benefited by the high efficiency of collecting and retaining dust and dirt. Dyson vacuums have the same HEPA filters that are used in hospitals, so you know you are getting the best filtration.


The Dyson Technology

How Does the Root Cyclone Technology Work?

  1. Pet hair and fibers are deposited in the vacuum bin after being separated from the airflow.
  2. A powerful cyclone draws dirt in, which is then forced in to the bin using 500G centrifugal forces.
  3. Smaller cyclones extract minute particles with centrifugal forces up to 150,000g.
  4. After filtration, air that leaves Dyson vacuums contains up to 150 times less bacteria and mold than the air we breathe.

Dyson Ball Technology

Dyson were also the first to introduce the Ball technology. Vacuum cleaners have of course traditionally used wheels as a method to manoeuvre the appliance, but like you may have encountered, this can have its problems.

Wheels on vacuum cleaners are positioned to move back and forth, but are difficult to move around corners and obstacles. The Dyson Ball eliminates this problem and improves manoeuvrability.


Dyson Vacuum Cleaner Types

Dyson provide an impressive range of vacuum cleaners to buy. The types available include uprights, handhelds and cylinder vacuums, all of which serve different purposes to help with any cleaning environment. For an overview of all Dyson vaccums, please see the “Models” link at the top of this review.

One of the great benefits of purchasing a Dyson vac is that you know you are buying from a reputable company that has received many positive reviews for their line of cleaning appliances.

However, as expected not everyone is going to be happy with choosing a Dyson because we all have our preferences. For instance, some consumers have mentioned the short battery life of the D16 Animal, whereas advocates of Dyson would state that this particular model was not meant for heavy-duty cleaning. The answer is to check out several Dyson reviews before you buy any particular model. This will help you make the best choice and often identifies where to get hold of the cheapest Dyson vacuum cleaners online.


The Range of Dyson Vacuums

·         Dyson Upright Vacuum Cleaners

·         Dyson Canister (Cylinder) Vacuum Cleaners

·         Dyson Handheld Vacuum Cleaners