Cebu Canyoneering: Not for the Timid

I will be skeptic about if you haven’t heard anything about the Cebu Canyoneering. It has already become one of the most famous activities in Cebu. This type of adventure is quite challenging to people who are not an extreme sports junkie. It involves cliff diving and people don’t really have much experience of diving or jumping off from cliffs. So you should decide to do and try this one of a kind outdoor activity.

By getting to the place, you ride a bus from South Bus Terminal. Ride the bus with a signboard that says “Bato via Barili.” I recommend you to leave early as 5 AM and you will arrive so by at 8 AM since the travel time is about 3 to 4 hours. Once you arrive, you will register and then a motorcycle will take you to the drop off point. From there, the hiking will start. The first jump will be 20 feet. If you scared, you can take the alternate route so this jump is not mandatory. We highly suggest you to try to jump this optional part. You can buy food snacks and barbecue along the trail so be sure to bring some cash. The final jump is located at the Kawasan Falls which has the height of 50 feet. You can do a running jump to really unleash the inner daredevil within oy. Canyoneering adventure in Cebu is a thing that really needs to be try.

In doing the Canyoneering, always remember to follow rules and your guide as well. Don’t do stupid things because it might lead to accidents and even death. If you are not ready to jump if pressured, don’t jump. Just jump when you are already mentally prepared in doing so.

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