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Secure Transfers on z/OS FTP with Data Encryption

At a normal FTP session, all of the information, such as log-in credentials, is transferred in plain text. It's simple to snoop around an FTP transmission and catches sensitive information, leading to a fantastic loss for a business enterprise.

Mainframes contain business-critical info; therefore FTP use on the mainframe could be deadly for a company. You may get more info about Secure File Transfer through

Secure Transfers on z/OS FTP with Data Encryption

Document transfer technology on z/OS

To prevent security problems brought on by using FTP, the protocol was extended numerous times using different safety protocols/technologies.

The safety protocols/technologies supply authentication mechanisms to recognize the two ends of a relationship, message integrity to make sure messages do not change in transit, confidentiality security to avoid eavesdropping, and non-repudiation to give indisputable evidence that a message has been delivered and received, and by whom.

They help to mitigate identity theft, theft of service, and eavesdropping. They guarantee accountability. Most security technologies offer similar purposes. They differ mostly by working at various layers of the IP stack coating.

On the z/OS stage, the most frequent technology for secure file transport are IPSec, SSH, and SSL/TLS.

Recognizing SSL/TLS

FTP over SSL/TLS, much better called FTPS, is an expansion which provides safety to routine FTP by including SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) and TLS (Transport Layer Security) cryptographic protocols.

SSL is the first version of the technology. TLS is its own successor. SSL/TLS is usually utilized to protect HTTP sessions (the HTTPS protocol) in addition to FTP sessions (FTPS). 

Choosing Professional Web Design Services

If you have resolved to invest in Web design solutions, you have to get the perfect designer for your own objectives.

Deciding what experience you Want

For many business websites, it can help to pick designers that come out of a marketing communications history, not a pure programming or art history. Your programmer has to be able to style with an eye towards your intended audience, be educated about attaining business goals and be proficient enough to perform the programming activities required. Perhaps not every designer is perfect for every Kind of business or has personnel with the expertise to Fulfill the specific demands described in your request for proposal (RFP). If you want to get more details about web design services, you may visit

Choosing Professional Web Design Services

Programmers with sufficient employees may have the ability to assist with all jobs in the previous list, or else they may subcontract out these services, saving you the trouble of locating providers yourself. In the minimum, they likely have a list of individuals they urge. Most small companies cannot afford all these professionals. Decide which aspect of the website is the most significant to its marketing success. For example, online shops and tourist websites depend on high-quality photography.

Locating good providers Locally

Finding qualified professionals is similar to finding any great service supplier. A recommendation cannot be defeated. Just take some opportunity to reassess designers' and other providers' portfolios on the internet to make sure that you enjoy their style and also to evaluate their abilities. Match their description of abilities and expertise from the RFP. Always check references – not merely people who suppliers offer you personally, but also many others were randomly chosen in their portfolio.

Elevated Work Platforms Training Courses

Courtesy-Working At Height Ltd

The Mobile Elevated Work Platform (MEWP) has set requirements for workers and employers to ensure maximum safety. The employers are bound to assess workers before they start working with the machines.

The code of practice states that an employer cannot hire an inexperienced or untrained person to handle the equipment. In order to ensure safety of the workersmust be trained and experienced. The EWP unit courses are required for workers; once they have cleared these courses they are eligible for handling elevating machinery.

  • Pre-Requisites

If you want to apply for the MEWP course you must be 16 or above. All attendees appearing for the test are expected to be experienced in using elevated work platforms. If English isn’t your first language then an IELS with 5.0 bands and above is required.

  • Duration

The duration of this test is usually 1 day as there is a standard theory unit and 2 practical units.

  • Capacity

A total of 8 trainees at max are allowed for the standard course and 6 trainees per practical course.

  • Cost

The course costs around $450 excluding tax per individual. This cost includes the registration for the standard test as well as certificates and other learning materials.

Over the years, the number of fatal accidents caused by elevated working platforms increased. To counteract that, the state came out with several laws prohibiting inexperienced and untrained workers from operating the equipment. The laws aren’t only restricted to workers, in face employers as well as supervisors are also responsible for creating a safe working environment.

These courses are meant to train workers to ensure everyone’s safety on ground. 

Your Final Guide to Windows Activation

Do you know that every Microsoft products like Windows and MS Office required activation in order to fully utilize the program features without any restrictions?

This is to ensure that you are using a genuine copy of their software on your PC or portable devices that is by purchasing an original software license from Microsoft.

For example, if you are using Microsoft Windows 10 professional edition you need to purchase the license only that you can install and activate the Operating System (OS).

Depending on how you get your copy of software the activation method can be different. Nowadays you can directly buy the license from the Microsoft site or Amazon online.

For older Windows like Windows 7/8/8.1, you will get a product key if you bought their license. The product key also refers to serial number, activation key, serial key, etc. This is the key used to activate the Windows.

For Windows 10, you can purchase the product key and they are introducing a new method called digital entitlement for product activation depending on how you get the Windows.

How to do the Product Activation?

So after you get the product key you can either use phone by directly call to the Microsoft support system and activate the Windows or you can use Internet to do the activation.

As you may know to get the Windows license is not cheap as it can easily cost you few hundred bucks. What happen if you don’t have a budget to buy the license key?

You can forget about upgrading the Windows to the latest version or use the free Windows activator to do the activation. So why not try to download the activator from the Internet and try your luck.

The Windows activator is a third-party software that you can use to activate Microsoft Windows and Office. The tools are created for Win activation and it will not harm your computer. But we cannot guarantee that all the tools are safe to use so always download the tools from reliable sources.

For every edition of Windows, they are different activators used to activate the OS. For example, Windows 7 (any editions) can use Windows Loader, RemoveWAT while Windows 8/10 uses the activators like kmspico and kmsauto lite, re-loader activator, etc.

The best thing is that all the tools can be downloaded from the Internet for free. One of the great sites to download Windows 10 activator is