BISSELL Rewind SmartClean Bagless Upright Vacuum, 58F83 Review

BISSELL Rewind SmartClean Bagless Upright Vacuum, 58F83The unique SmartClean System was created with you in mind. The Clean Carpet Sensor helps to detect the areas in your carpet that need some extra attention; the red light will stay on for you until the area is clean and you’ll know you’re finished when the green light stays on. Also, the Clean Filter Indicator takes the guess work out of when to clean or change your filters. When you’re done with your vacuuming, just press the automatic cord rewind button and stow it away- no more taking the time to rewind it yourself. The convenient clear bagless container allows for easy emptying. The Rewind SmartClean also includes a long reach hose, a TurboBrush Tool, extension wand, crevice tool and combination dusting/upholstery brush. It’s no wonder that this is the smart choice in cleaning.

Product Features

  • SmartClean System: A clean carpet sensor and clean filter indicator make this a smart choice in cleaning
  • Automatic Cord Rewind- 25 ft. power cord: With just the push of the button, the cord gets stored away
  • Exclusive Helix System captures dirt and debris for even greater performance
  • Clean Carpet Sensor: Changes from red to green when your carpet is clean
  • HEPA Media Filter: Captures over 99.9% of dust mites, pollens and ragweeds


To start with, I’d like to tell a bit about what I was looking and what for. As my family live on the farm we are constantly experiencing a lot of dust in the house. Our carpets look disgusting! We used to buy different cheap vacs, we even had a carpet cleaner man coming at our place from time to time and cleaning professionally our rugs and carpets. But still the result was not satisfactory!

So for a long time we have been roaming the Internet in the search of our future ideal vac Bissell 58F83 was the only one with all the positive reviews! Our research being extensive, we decided to give a try to this one. I was looking forward to get it in the hands.

The day when it was delivered happened to be the day when we as usual invited the cleaner man once again. He did his job (as it seemed to me at first glance) perfectly! What my astonishment was when we got out our Bissell Rewind out of the box and gave it a test!

I couldn’t believe the amount of dust this vacuum picked up at the first trial I used it! How much dirt this professional had been missing! For so many years we have been wasting sums of money on specialized cleaning. Ok, it used to be good, but now our Bissell Rewind is better.


The Bissell 58F83 review – Part 2

My husband floored the enormous amount of sand from our carpets! None of the vacuum cleaners that I used before had plenty of power in comparison to this model plus they filled up very quickly and practically lost their suction with long human hair or cat fur.В  Evidently this one is a great suctioning vac with plenty of power! Sucking up like a real beast it picks astonishing quantity of deep down dirt and dander. How it finds these tons of debris amazes! And are we really living in this dirt?! were my thoughts.

Already after the first use I would highly recommend to purchase Bissel SmartClean to all of my friends without hesitation!

The time passed but we are not disappointed at all it works wonderfully. Besides, we are absolutely satisfied with another bunch of cool features this vac has. Only later we found out that such a great performance of suction is explained by exclusive Helix system capturing so much debris and dirt.


Bissell 58F83 review – Part 3

The smart clean system described in any Bissel review turned out to be real as well. What makes it the smartest choice among all the vacs existing? For sure, a sensor and a filter indicator. A few words to show how they both work.

The Clean Carpet Sensor detects the areas worth of extra attention it changes from the red colour to the green when the carpet becomes really clean. Red stays on until a carpet is clean. Each time you finish cleaning you’ll know about it by the green light staying on. Such a dirt sensor makes vacuum cleaning not only more productive, but it’s really a great fun! Especially for children who with joy and excitement will help you in this household duty!В  Red -green lights alert by adding a kind of a play to work make vacuuming chore a challenging one!

As for the Clean Filter Indicator mentioned above, it gives a signal when your filters need cleaning or even changing. By the way, the filter installed in Bissel Rewind is so-called HEPA filter necessary in case you have any kind of allergy. This media filter is able to capture practically 100% of pollens, mites and rag weeds.

Ending up with your vac cleaning, you need only to press the button and stow away it takes no more effort and time to rewind it yourself! 25-feet cord gets stored away on its own with the only push.

I also admire the convenient  bagless feature. The container allows easy emptying once the canister is full, empty it in the trash and that’s all, ready to vacuum your carpets again and again.

I can’t help admiring all the attachments included too: a turbo brush, a crevice tool, an upholstery tool, and extender. Thanks to them all and due to vac’s light weight and long hose, Bissel 58F83 does great job not only on heavy plush carpets but on polished hardwood floors equally. I especially love it for stairs not heavy or hard to push it cleans fast with practically no effort!